Monday, August 16, 2010

FWCT Training Race #4: Race Report

OK I am WAY behind on everything. Especially the blog and race reports. I have 5 races that I need to write up. I'm going to post up 5 races in 5 days.

On Thursday August 5th was the 4th and last race of my team's (flatwater cycling team) mountain bike training race series. I was leading the series and had it pretty much wrapped up so I wanted to just go out and have fun and not push it too hard since I had 3 races coming up over the weekend in a couple of days.

My plan of taking easy didn't last to long at first. When they sent us off John one of my teammates (and one of only three Cat 1 riders) took off down the long gravel road they started us on and I couldn't catch him since I forgot to have my bike already in the big ring and then my front der wouldn't shift up. He made it to the hole shot first and led us onto the single track and then onto a long windy prairie section. I thought about just holding his wheel for a while and spin like I was planning on but that idea didn't last long and I passed him and went off the front.

When I hit the first section that was in the trees I really dropped the hammer. The new plan was to get a gap were I couldn't be seen anymore and then drop it back a little and cruise to the finish line. They started the Cat 2 riders with us and one of them was riding strong and catching up a little so I put just a little more effort into it and was able to get out of sight again and spent the rest of the time riding alone and not seeing another rider until after the race was over.

I was happy with how I rode and happy to get the win but I knew that a lot of the strong riders weren't there and not get to confident. I ended up taking home the prize for the over race series victory and did get the legs prepped for the weekend races.

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