Saturday, October 30, 2010

Flatwater Cyclocross Grand Prixe

Last Sunday my team put on the Flatwater Cyclocross Grand Prixe on our home course at Van Dorn Park in Lincoln were we have been having our weekly training race. I got up early and headed off pretty early to get the course set up. We had made some changes to how it would run and the course was sweet. We added crowd fencing and taped off most of the course. It looked pretty pro and flowed nicely.

I on the other hand was stressed out cause my bike was still broken from the previous days crash and I was working on getting Paul to come in on his day off to come and help me fix it. I also had the challenge of the shop not having another SRAM Rival brake lever/shifter in but they let were letting me pull one off one of the demo bikes and I could use it to get my bike running for the day. After running out to the shop and pulling the broken lever off and the other one off the demo Paul showed up and saved me and got the bike up and running again.

After I got back to the course I got changed and started to get myself ready and started to warm up. After watching my teammate Jesse come from behind and win the the Cat 4 race I headed to the line to get started. I wasn't sure how I was going to feel or what was going to happen. There was 32 people in the 1/2/3 race and the start was a little sketchy as everyone was jockying for position. I was towards the back and was hoping I would be able to work my way up and take advantage of the home field advantage. But that did not happen.

As soon as we strung out on the course I quickly realized that I had absolutely nothing. The legs were like stone. I was pretty much passed by the whole field. I've had bad races before were I did not feel well but never anything like this. I was getting passed and dropped by people that I never lose to and a couple of people that I almost lapped at a few of the training races. I pretty much was winded the whole race and just tried to survive which I barely did.

After this race I was extremely dissapointed and I've been doing some major thinking about what I need to do and change to get myself back were I know I can be and were I should be.


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