Thursday, October 28, 2010

Skyview CX Classic: Race Report

It's been a while since I have posted last. Life has been busy but I realize I need to get back at this. The blog has always been a way for me to journal my cycling and I haven't done that much this year at all. So I am going to get back and post more regularly like I used to.

Saturday was the Skyview CX classic. I went to this race last year and really enjoyed the course and was looking forward to seeing how they changed it for this years race. I made the trip with John our FWCT Team manager/racer and when we got to the course we noticed several obstacles right away and I realized it was going o be a tough race.

After we got changed we headed out for a lap to check out the course and see how what it was like. They had really made the course more technical from last year and there were lots of tight twisty turns around trees that would caused me to almost have to stop to get around. When we fnished our lap we just went out and rode around the lake to get warm and ready to race.

When it came time to line up I was feeling ok and was optomistic about how I would do. I had no illusions that I would win but I wanted to have a good showing. When the gun went off I was in the middle of the pack and when we hit the first obstacle which was a tight circular pattern that you had to work through I got clogged up with a couple of riders and ended up near the back. While I was chasing I cracked and fell off the pace but I was hoping I would come back around.

At the beginning of my 2nd lap I got going again I was in chase mode. I was able to hop over the some of the barriers and could see the rider in front of me and was making my push to catch him.

When we hit a tight twisty section through some pine trees disaster struck. I was right on the riders wheel in front of me and when we hit the trees my front tire slid on some pine needles and I slammed the right side of my handlebars into a tree destroying my right shifter/brake lever. The shifter was now broken and I wasn't able to use my rear brake (that was rubbing) and I couldn't shift and the gear was stuck on my largest cog in the back giving me no power on the long flat sections of the course. With the shifter being broken I could also put no weight on the hood which really skrewed up my turning on this tight course.

I stayed in the race to try to get some points for the Nebraska CX series but I ended up finishing in 8th out of 9 and was lapped by the top 3 riders. It was a very disappointing race but that's the way it goes I guess. The lesson learned is don't slam your bike into trees and things don't get broken.


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