Sunday, December 9, 2007

8 days and counting

It's been 8 days since my butt has seen the saddle of my bike and I'm going a little nuts. I jsut can't bring myself to man up and battle the temps barely in the 20's and snowing until I at least get more snow gear. My wife brought to my attention yesterday how my mood is affected by how much I ride. She says the more I ride the easier I am to deal with. Well I have to say that I have been pretty well behaved this past week since I don't ride at all anymore. I do think that I am waring her down a bit since I mention how I need an indoor trainer about 4 times a day. But thankfully if it wasn't for her I would probably be so in debt since I seem to have no control when it comes to buying bikes or bike related products.

I was out yesterday and stopped by a chef friend of mine to see how the holiday season was going and as I was talking to him I noticed his schedule was a little light and I told him that if he needed any help to let me know since things are pretty much winding down for me for the year. He called this morining and asked if I could help him next week. Of course I have a problem saying no and agreed. As I look back at my last couple of post all I see myself saying is how busy I am and you ask why would I say yes? The answer: because I am kinda dumb and want some extra cash because I have a plan in the works for some new cycling stuff that I will ask your opinion on later after I think it out some more.

Gotta go eat some dinner and get a little more rest before the beginning of another busy work week. Later.

Its cold so I decided to sport my new favorite socks for my core workout.



Anonymous said...

I feel you pain man! The weather in Lincoln leaves a lot to be desired. I'm crewcabrob from the mtbr forums. I'm fairly new to MTB and look forward to the weather turning nice again and the racing season next year. What class did you do last year and what class are you planning on doing this year in the Psycopath series? Get a hold of me sometime, maybe we can get out for a ride. Rob

Harp said...

I raced in the beginner category last year (only the last 2 races) and plan on doing the same for next year in the psycowpath series. I may try some races in Kansas and Missouri in the intermediate or sport category just to see how I stack up.

Harp said...

Also, I usually hit wilderness when its not muddy daily and for extended times on the weekends. It'd be cool to roll through it some time with ya.

Jason said...

It's been 9 days since I road outside, but have been putting the time in on the trainer. That's helps a bit, but nothing like outside rides to get the mojo up.

hang in there.


Harp said...

Thanks. Hopefully i get my trainer soon.

Anonymous said...

Rob here...

Wilderness is a good ride. We were blasting through there quite a bit before the waether turned cold and wet. Some days I reallyfelt out of my element, and other days it was like "bring it on!" Sounds like I will need to work on my skills and endurnace if I was not compete with you in the beginers class. I'll be in the 35+ masters class, so I may not have to compete head to head with yeah, but I will still get to eat your dust! I don't have a strong opinion of the road bike deal, it sounds like a lot of money for something you're iffy about. If it were me, I might spend the money elsewhere on components or other equipment. Sounds like it could go to your racing future for entry/travel fees. If were are able to hook up sometime, we might be able to carpool to events. There is another guy Ryan (Huskers) that I think you have talked to about team sponsership and such. He and I work for the same company and are just doing the team thing for fun.

Harp said...


I'm thirty so I will be in another class but I wouldn't worry I'm not that fast. Yet. Once the park is in better shape we defintely need to hit it up for a ride. It's nice to ride with other people sometimes. I'm usually ride solo. What bike shop so you guys use in town?

Anonymous said...


I try to spread the wealth around to all of the shops, and I'm sure I have bought from all of them except Monkey Wrench. I just haven't made it to Nate's shop yet. I live out by 84th and Vandorn and really don't head DT that much. I will make sure to visit The Monkey Wrench World Headquarters before Christmas as my wife wants to make sure I have a nice holiday with lots of presents.

It's hard for me to be fast when I have to stop and catch my breath all of the time. I'm working on it over the winter and hope to be in a little better shape soon.
I don't like to ride solo out at wilderness, too many whacos... There isn't much on my side of town for fun trails, but I try to hit the Mopac when I need to get out. Wilderness is a lot more fun, but it takes a while to get there and back, even if I drive.

Talk to you soon!


Harp said...

My weakspot is my breathing so that's what I'm focusing on over the winter once I get my indoor trainer. I hear ya on the drive I live by wilderness but work at SCC so I spend a lot of time driving across town. I need to hit the mopac for a cruise sometime.