Saturday, December 8, 2007

NO Riding

Finally the end to another busy work week. December is the busy season in most restaurants with holiday parties and a busy time with the end of the term for colleges. So I get stuck in both jobs and busier than ever.

I've been fortunate enough to get the weekend off but get a nice little bit of winter weather so the bike just ends up staying parked in the garage. Since I've gotten my new rear der and bottom bracket I've only had time to put about 3 miles on it for a test run right after I got them put on to test them out. They ran well but I wish had more time to ride. So for now I guess I just got to wait it out and hope the weather gets a little better and I can get out and get some miles in. I am a little worried though. I worked hard all summer to get into better shape and form and I was hoping to get through the winter but it has been to cold and I am just doing weight training but I that doesn't seem to be my problem. When I was riding I always felt strong on the bike but would have problems breathing and have to slow down during races just to get some oxygen. I posted a question on in the xc racing and training forum on how to improve my aerobic ability and most of the responses that I got ( one was from Lynda at LW Coaching) was to do interval training but until I get a indoor roller I can't do that. So I'm trying to figure out what to do for the time being.

I also got on the Marin web store and saw their new team gear and was thinking about getting the bibs for next race season. Hopefully by next season or the season after I can get on a team or a sponsor but until them I will just wear a kit promoting the bikes I like to ride. I'm hoping to get an offical sponsorship from bikepedalers.
Well better get some more rest and try to relax for the rest of my saturday because tomorow I got to try and catch up on some schoolwork. Later.


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