Monday, December 3, 2007


Finally, I have enough time to post. I've spent most of the week and the weekend running around. I have been working almost non-stop for 4 days and today I spent most of it christmas shopping with my wife (we did it all today and are done). I did get a ride in today but it wasn't to long. I headed out this morning into the cold and just planned to ride the rail trail. Started off good and after I warmed up a little(it was damn cold) I felt pretty good and was moving along at a good pace. I got to a point in the rail trail where it is under construction and I took a little bit of a detour through the hiking side of wilderness. When in wilderness I saw a group of people doing trail work and felt guilty I wasn't helping since I ride in their so much but I didn't know that they had moved it to today. Anyways when I got back on the trail I realized I had forgotten my water bottle and was quite thirsty so I turned around and headed home thinking that some riding was better than none. Yeah I got a hell of a work out in. When I turned around I had a straight shot in the 20-25mph winds in my face. It was brutally cold. I limped back home and when I got to the last big hill I tried to shift off of my big ring and nothing happened. It was like the front derailleur wasn't hooked up. So I took the bike to the shop. It needed some other work done so no big deal since I am going to have no ride time coming up until next weekend if the weather cooperates. Well that's all for know. Later


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