Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I finally gotta ride

Know that the college is out on break until 2008 I was home during daylight hours when it wasn't snowing or raining ice I finally got a chance to toughen up and head out for a spin. I needed tpick up some more co2's and I wanted to talk about the rode bike I plan on buying soon. It felt so good when I was heading out of the driveway and up the street just to be out and turning the cranks again. I was very quickly reminded why I don't ride in town that much though. The residential streets were snow covered and rideable but when I got to a major interesection I had no place to go. The shoulders where piled high with snow and there was a lot of traffic and to top it all off as I was riding any place that was in the shade was slick. So know I'm trying not to slide and fall over and get hit by a car. After I made it off onto a sidestreet I was in good shape with open rode and no cars as far as I could see. Then as I get up a little farther I see a train coming so I ended up having to stop and wait for it. Of course for some reason the train stopped on the intersection and I ended up waiting for about 15 minutes to get across(way to much traffic for me on the other streets with overpasses). I then continued to head on to the shop when I jumped across a sidewalk that looked clear but was covered in black ice. I'm sure it was quite the site to see the fully kited cyclist sliding across the pavement. After that I quickly got back on my bike before I hoped anyone saw me and was on my way to the shop without any further incedent. Picked up my co2's talked about the rode bike which I should be able to get for a good price since I'm going to get an 07. Then the ride home. Yeah more black sidewalk ice. I should have known that the sidewalk right off the only 10 feet of the bikepath was to good to be true. I hit the sidewalk and the next thing I know the bike was sliding and my head was in the snow(another reminder why I never get on the bike without a helmet). I get up again and quicky look to see if anyone saw me fall. Only the snow blower guy that just cleared that sidewalk 5 min. ago. I then headed home and made it without any more problems.

I think that next time I head out the park will be a much better option for some training. Gotta go get ready for a busy day handling some of my consulting business. It's funny that when I get a vacation from the college everybody seems to have something that they need me to take care of. I think they know my shedule better than I do sometimes. Later.

Yes it is stopped.



crewcabrob said...

Rob here...

Sorry to hear about the crashes. I thought about getting out yesterday too, but I had to make a few stops at the grocery store and bank. Then I made two dinners last night, some for the picky kids and one for the wife and I. Funny, I never thought that Jello with bananas would be so popular for desert???

Not sure what your weekend looks like, but I thought about hitting Wilderness on Saturday for some fun in the snow. We will have to see what the weather really looks like as it gets closer, but it could be fun. If I get the nerve up to ride, I'll post something here on your blog.

It sounds like you will have a nice new addition to the stable soon; nice going. I can't make that jump as I already spent a load of cash on one bike and I know how I am about things. I would be buying all sorts of stuff for the road, and I really don't want to get started on that. I can't say it doesn't make sense though.

Have a nice break and a Merry Christmas if I don't type at you soon.


Harp said...

If the weather holds out I'm definetly in. It would have to be a little earlier. I have to be somewhere by two. Let me know

Crewcabrob said...

Ryan (Huskers) and I think we are in too unless the weather gets really crappy.

What parking lot do you want to meet in?

Shoot me an email at rob.gibson@allstate.com so I can get you my cell phone number just in case.

Does 10am sound OK? I think we could ride for an hour or so depending on conditions of trail and riders.