Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Red Light and hopefully go

Hope to be able to get some good time in the am tomorrow in the park to try to get back the little bit of shape that I had and then quickly lost over the 2 week + period of no saddle time. I'm plan on also trying to make it into wilderness on saturday with a new friend and do a little offroad dirt/snow action. Man it feels nice to even talk about riding on a regular basis again.

Just finished watching the movie red light go that was waiting for me when I got home tonight via netflix. Very cool movie about bike messengers and the alleycat racing that they do. It's a very different type of cycling than what I'm used to. Those guys and gals are a little crazy swinging in, out and around traffic. It was kinda impressive but I don't think I'll be going out and building a track bike and swinging through downtown, I'll stick to the trails and parks especially after yesterdays incedents. Anyways if you haven't seen the movie I recommend it. Later.


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