Monday, December 17, 2007

Rode Bike it is

I have decided to go ahead and start working towards getting a road bike. I posted the question in three places and got many responses that it would be a good idea. I have found myself lately spending a lot of time checking out and posted the road bike question there in the endurance and xc racing forums. I have found that is a great place to get information. I have also come accross a couple of riders from lincoln that have checked this blog which is cool. Hopefully if it ever gets decent enough outside for me to brave the cold we can get out for a ride. I have found that my blog is getting a few more hits lately which is nice. It's good to see at least a few people are taking a look.

Well not to much more to say on my part just trying to make it throuh the weather and hope that it warms up enough to melt all the ice off so that I can get a little riding in soon. Thanks for the comments by the way on the road bike. It really did help. Later


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Blair said...


Came across your question on mtbr. Get a road bike. Spend 50-60% of your time on the road and you will be flying in the dirt. It is another component to riding. It is great to go out and ride your first century/fast group ride. Sky is the limit from there. I have been road riding since 92 and am as addicted to it--as I am my full susp and SS.