Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Today was a good day. Day off from all jobs and I took full advantage of it. I got up today around 7:30 (later than planned) and made breakfast for my son and his friend that stayed over last night. Had some coffee and was out the door by 8:15. I was back on the mountain bike today, its time to start spending more time on it and a little less on the road bike plus I left my road bike at the shop so I can tune it up and put a new stem on it tomorrow when I'm there. Anyways yesterday when I went on a quick ride with my kids on the paved path to work with them on how to use the gears better on their new bikes I noticed that a trail that was next to the path was dry and it got me thinking if this is dry maybe the park is too. So when I went out on my ride i headed right to the park and was met with glorious dry singletrack. Most of the park was pretty dry with a few spots here and there that were still a bit wet. When I came up to those parts I hopped off and walked around (unlike the horses and other dumbasses that ride straight through the soft spots). While riding through the park today I remembered why I love riding singletrack and mountain biking. I totally dig riding in the woods on a tight flowing trail with all the wildlife around. Of course the trail was good but my legs did not have the snap that they usually do and it seemed like I couldn't get going like I wanted to. I had no flow but I'll take it. The only other problem was I have some play going on with my rear der and it just kept skipping around everytime I tried to put a lot of heavy pressure on the pedals and really get moving. It didn't help out my flow problem any. So I will be riding it to the shop tomorrow afternoon when I get there and I'll let one of the mechanics look at it. I don't understand anything about fixing a der yet. Hopefully it doesn't drive me to crazy tomorrow cause I have the same plan of getting up early and heading out to the park for some more miles of singletrack before it rains tomorrow night.

I got to get to bed. Later.



Bluenoser said...

Make sure you watch what they do with the der. Then you'll be able to touch it up out o the trail.

crewcabrob said...

Glad to hear that you got out on the singletrack. I plan on hitting it tonight after work. Ryan had a chance to ride it yesterday and I think it might have even dried out more. He ran across the MW crew on the trail. Sounds like they had a good turn out. I had to pound the paved trails on the East side of town as RJ had guitar lessons last night that I had to take him to.

You still planning on riding up with me?


rg said...


Riding through the muck is better than riding around it! Riding around it just widens the trail (eventually making it a double track!)

You did the right thing though (since you didn't want to ride through it) by dismounting and then walking around it!

glad you got out and rode!

Harp said...

Robb, I'm still planning on riding up with you next saturday. I'll give you a call sometime soon.