Saturday, March 22, 2008

New Marins for the kids

Ok I had to do it. It was time for my kids to get some new bikes. They had been riding some hand me down POS's but we didn't want to spend any real cash on bikes for em cause they out grow everything so fast and they don't take the best care of them. Well this year we hooked them up with a couple of sweet Marin bikes. These are the Bayview Trail 24" Mountain bikes. These bikes are awesome for my kids and they love. My son likes his cause he says it looks like mine and he likes the gears and my daughter loves hers because it has "pink fire" on it. After they get a little more used to them and things dry out some I will take them to wilderness park on some of the level singletrack areas and see how they like that. I think their gonna love it.

The most exciting part of my day today was of course giving the kids the bikes and the lessons on mountain bike gearing(they almost got it down) other than that I headed to the shop early this morning and thought it was going to be a nice day and we might get some action but it ended up snowing a little and getting colder as the day went on. I did accomplish getting the head tube on my bike finally cut so that I didn't have the nub sticking out from where I had set my handlebars lower. They made me do it myself as they guided me through it poking fun at the very not so mechanically inclined mountain bike racer but it was a good learning experience. After I left the shop I hadn't heard from anyone about riding so I geared up and headed out to pioneers park for some laps and climbing action. Got about 20 miles in before I decided it was time to finish when about 5 cop cars, 1 firetruck and 1 ambulance showed up at the bottom of one of the hills where I turn around on my loop. Not sure what was going on but I figured it was probably time to head out anyways since it was almost dark and my legs had about all they could take. Over the last two days I've put in about fifty miles with at least 1/2 if not 2/3 of it climbing so I'm ready for tomorrows day of light core training, rest and recovery. Monday is supposed to have better temps and less winds(still very windy today).

Happy Easter and don't overeat(too much). Later



crewcabrob said...

Your kids are very lucky Harp. They look like awesome bikes. I tried to stop at the shop on Saturday morning after I rode with Ryan on the same hills out at Pioneers park. They totally kicked my but. Ryan is so far a head of me on the training this year, he just left me when ever it came to a hill. I never gave up, but I just couldn't keep up either.
Oh, I had my rack on with two of our bikes and I just couldn't find a parking spot I was comfortable with, so I just drove on. I know, a little lame but the last thing I need 2 weeks before race day is for soemone to hit my rig or steal my bike.

Happy Easter to you and your family too!


Bluenoser said...

Very wise investment Harp.