Friday, May 23, 2008

No Race and T6

Is the rain in southeast NE ever going to stop. It started on Thursday and looks like it isn't supposed to stop until Wed. of next week. The rain really screws things up when you race off road. The race for tomorrow I'm assuming is canceled. I don't see any way that the trails would be at all ride able. Kind of sucks I was looking forward to teaming up with fellow T6 teammate Millhouse and Robb. Hopefully it gets rescheduled and we can still get it in this season.

Speaking of Twin Six when I got home today from I had not one but two packages from Twin Six on my porch. One was my team gear. I've always thought that they made the coolest cycling clothing around so I am definitely stoked to have more to pimp. I got a sweet new jersey, socks, a T, and some bottles. I also received the Fat Cyclist T that I ordered. I was to late to get a killer jersey so I still picked up a the T instead. It's an awesome thing that the boys at Twin Six are doing for Susan and Fatty. You should go and get some stuff if theres any left all the proceeds go directly to Elden and Susan to help with the expenses for her fight with cancer. A huge thanks goes out to Ryan and Brent for supporting an average bike racer like me. Thanks.
Other than that I did enjoy a day off of work today but was bummed when I got up and took my son to school and noticed no rain so I rushed home changed and by the time I got my bike out and opened the garage door bam rain. I was in no mood to ride in the rain and with races still coming up in the next two following weekends I decided a wet ride and a cold wouldn't help things any. So I spent some time at the shop changing out the tires on my Fire Trail and getting it all dialed in for next week. The rest of the day was spent hanging with the wife and kids. To be honest I couldn't think of something I wanted to do more today then hang with them.

Since I'm not racing tomorrow Greg at the shop asked me to work for a while which means I will be up early to train and then to the shop and after that I will be chillin at home and enjoying a little more time with the fam and no work. Later.



Judi said...

I am still waiting for my T6 stuff.
Sorry to hear about the rain. Totally sucks. Can't wait for summer.

Highwaymunky said...

Still waiting for my T6 stuff and I'm away until Wednesday. Can't wait!

Groover said...

Hope the skies will clear for you soon.