Sunday, June 1, 2008

More Rain and No Racing

So my second race in two weeks (for me at least) was cancelled due to heavy rain. Three weeks ago this was the start of a 4 week race block with a race every Saturday and Sunday and so far I have only raced once. The weather doesn't look to good for next week either. I looked at the forecast for KC and there is a chance of rain every day but saturday but if it rains the day before and all week for that matter the race will get postponed again.

Ok I'm done complaining now. In the past week it seems I've been super busy with working at one place or the other and all of my early morning time has been spent lately on my road bike. I have easily logged over a hundred miles in a few days (good for me) with a big 45 mile effort yesterday morning. I'm not sure how far I road on Thursday morning but I haven't felt that good on a bike in a while. I soared through my planned route and training for the day and felt so good that I just kept going. It was nice to feel that way just wish it was more regular. Today was the exact opposite. I took out the mtb and headed out for a ride on the rail trail just to get some good miles in but I just felt off the whole time. When I finally turned around I was pretty much usless and was struggling to keep the legs turning. Hopefully I can get back on track this week but it's another pretty busy one. Just can't wait I got a little less than 2 weeks before I get a month off from the college for a summer break. Now I got to go get some sleep and try to get my legs back for a light training week and hopefully a race this weekend. Later.



Travis said...

Sucks to hear about the races being a wash, but as long as you're still getting in the miles things will work out.

Bluenoser said...

Come over to the Road side Harp...