Saturday, February 7, 2009

Workin on it.

My time off the bike lately has been consumed by working on the build for my new Felt F2 I got coming. I've had a couple changes lately in the plan. My original plan was to switch some pieces from my old bike but after taking it into the shop today and me and my mechanic Paul looking it over and looking at the specs for the new bike we quickly found that pretty much nothing is going to switch over. Most of the components don't fit and already was planning on upgrading most my stuff to SRAM Rival since the stuff on my current bike is Shimano Sora. I'm going to get a couple of loner parts from Sean our team captain to get me started since I wasn't planning on buying everything.

I do have a few parts coming though. I already had bought a SRAM Red front der. The Red front wasn't much more than the Rival so I got it everything else will be Rival. I got a Thomson Stem from Bluenoser (huge thanks B) and ordered some 3T bars off that I found for a good price. I will probably continue to update as I continue to get stuff for the bike. I heard rumors that it is probably going to get here in the next couple of weeks.

On the riding front it has been nice. I've made it out for several hours of riding outside over the past 3 days. Mostly just riding the rail trails with some teammates of mine. The weather has been awesome here. Yesterday was in hit 60 and today was warmer than that. I was pretty geeked to be able to ride today with no arm or knee warmers and no shoe covers.

I worked at the shop today also and it was sweet to have nice weather again. The people were out everywhere. I almost sold 3 bikes today. All Felts (I think they are going to be huge here) 2 of them were mounain bikes and the almost comes because I had a lady sold on a nice Z35 but she was going to think about and left but called back later and is going to pick it up this week. It's nice to see people at the shop and to be getting business there again. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks we will start on getting the new shop set up and ready to open. It's going to be awesome.

Lastly I was happy to hear that my friend and teammate Ryan's new born daughter made it through heart surgery and is doing well. That's always a good reminder that there is other things more important than bikes. Know I need to go hang with my own kids. Later.


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