Monday, April 6, 2009

Good Ride Killed By Flats

When I left work today I wasn't sure if I was going to train tonight or rest. My legs were pretty sore from yesterdays workout. I did my core workout which consists of some squats and lunges. I haven't done them for a while so it left me feeling it today. This is probably the last time I'll do them for a while. I need to move onto the race season core workouts were I take all the leg work out.After looking at the weather report and being reminded that this weekend is Easter I decided to head out today even though it was still really windy (25-20mph) and colder (30's). I noticed that all of my yard was completely dry from the wind and decided to take out the mountain bike and try to ride in the dirt. After I got some spinning in the soreness worked itself out of my legs and I was feeling pretty good. I hit the trail and it was in perfect shape and I was flowing well. I was about a third of the way through my planned loop when I noticed that something didn't feel right up front. Stopped and realized my front tire was going flat. I stopped and changed it. I couldn't figure out what made it go flat. I checked the tube and the tire and didn't find anything so I got it ready to go and was on my way. Since I only carry one spare tube I decided to turn around and head back towards home. I didn't get very far before I noticed it going flat again. I stuck my other co2 but didn't make it to much farther so it was time to call it in and call my wife to come pick me up which I hate doing plus while I had to wait for her to get to me I got real cold standing in the open and getting to feel the full effect of the wind.

Real bummer of a ride. I only ended up getting in about 38 minutes of riding in which 5 of that was nursing a low front tire. Tomorrow I'm going to try to get to our team road ride. It kind of depends on how soon I get out of class and make it home and then back out to meet everyone. Hopefully I can make it. Later.


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