Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I'm done

Caution Ranting follows:

So I wonder how I allow myself to be so dumb sometimes. I can't quite figure out why I keep waiting around for people that say they want to go for a group or team training ride and then I'm the only one that shows up.

Tonight was supposed to be a team training ride which I thought would be good for me since I'm supposedly doing road races with a team. Myself and the other guys on the team need to work on team tactics and working together. Well I showed up for the supposed training ride tonight and I'm ready to go and then hear that no one else is coming. I was f*&%ing furious. I'm done with it. The guys that focus on road racing will have to do there own thing and during the road races I'll figure it out.

I was so pissed afterward that I new I wouldn't be able to focus on riding and by the time I got back home it was to late to go out again. I figure I ended up wasting an hour time that I could have spent training. From here on out I'm going to just focus on my thing and not count on anybody else. I do all of my mountain bike racing solo anyways. No big deal I'm used to solo. If I want to ride with someone I'll ride with the only teammate I can count on to show up. He just wasn't supposed to be there tonight since he doesn't have a road bike. To bad our schedules don't usually work together.

The thing that really gets me is now this is the second day in a row that I've really had no training. Lesson learned.

Rant Over


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Adrian_O said...

I know that feeling.