Monday, August 17, 2009

2 flats and 50

For the last few days my riding/training has been pretty relaxed. I pushed a good pace on my loop through wilderness on the mountain bike but didn't push as hard as I could and on Saturday I got up to meet the guys I usually ride with on Saturday mornings before work but when I looked outside it was not only raining but I was hearing thunder and saw some lightening flashes so I bailed on that ride. I don't mind the rain so much but when I see lightening I stay in. After I got home from the shop I hung out at home for a while and then went out for a hour and half and did a strong tempo ride with some sprints mixed in but again nothing much.

Today I had to head down to Nebraska City for a family thing with the parents but when I woke up at 7:30 I was just feeling drained so I stayed in bed and decided to take the opportunity to ride down before everything got started. The last time I tried to ride to Nebraska City I had 2 flats and only 1 tube so I this time I took both the tubes that I had and headed out. At first I wasn't feeling that good but after I warmed up for a while I started to feel great and I set a goal of making to my parents driveway in 2.5 hours. I'm not sure on exactly the distance but I'm pretty sure it's a little over 50 miles.

About 15 miles outside of Lincoln I looked up cause a car made a loud noise and I hit something that was on the shoulder and my front tire instantly went flat. So I changed it pretty quick and was back on my way. I was still feeling really good and stopped around the halfway point to refill the bottles and dump the honey stinger wrappers and the blown tube I had in my pocket. I got going again and was rolling pretty good and when I got probably around 15 miles from Neb. City I started to feel my rear tire getting a little squishy and it wasn't long before it went all the way flat so I was off the bike again and changing another tire on the side of the highway. When I was changing this tire my wife passed me and called and asked if I would need picked up and I said as long as I didn't get another flat I would be good. I couldn't believe that I had gotten two flats. I made it the rest of the way without any more problems and felt pretty good the whole time except right outside of town there are some real steep rollers and I was feeling it a little but I think a lot of that was cause I knew I was almost done.

I was getting a little close to my time goal so I pushed it a little when I got closer to town and ended up making it to my parents in 2 hours and 27 minutes getting my goal. I did stop the time when I was changing the flats and when I stopped for water but I was really happy with the time that I made and was happy with how I felt. I wasn't happy about the flat tires though. I think I need to get a little bit tougher tires for when I'm just out training. I have the thin light weight race tires on and on the shoulder of that highway there is just a lot of debris that causes the flats to happen so much more than when I'm out on the county roads around Lincoln. Even with the flats it was still a great ride and a pretty good weekend of training before a long string of races starts. Later.



Bluenoser said...

Yup, race tire are not for training. get yourself some heavy tough ass tires for training. No flats and you'll fly on race day with the light skins.


Marc said...

I flatted just west of Dunbar this weekend also. Did you throw that piece of glass back on the shoulder :)

Harp said...

Yeah I was trying to make sure everyone else had to change flats too. Ha.

Bruce Brown said...

Sorry about your ass. That's no fun. Been there done that - usually on RAGBRAI. The only thing that healed it was time off the bike.

Take care not to get any infection down there. The usual routine (chamois butter, always wear a clean bib or shorts, etc...). Best of luck on getting the saddle sores under control.