Thursday, March 27, 2008

More time on dirt

It was a nice bonus to my spring break to have the temps be up a little and the park dry enough for some singletrack. I enjoy my early morning rides when I have the park all to myself and no else around. Like I said the other day I do like to get out and enjoy the speed of my road bike and the steep climbs on it but I'm still a mountain bike racer deep down and love to get out in the woods and let loose.

I felt much better yesterday and today than I did on Tuesday when I went out. I had very good flow. I have noticed the improvement from all of the training I have done over the winter. The way I pedal and the gears that I use are completely different from how I rode last year and I really feel like I'm moving a lot faster. Watching my times from one point to another I also see improved. Hopefully this translates into better race results especially since I'm moving up a class from last year.
Today was another good rid ebut about 2/3rds the way through I started having the same play in my rear der that I had the other day. I thought that we had figured it out. I took it into the shop and we looked at it and made some tension adjustments and it worked fine but know it's back again and where going to have to take a little bit harder look at it and figure out what is wrong and get it in good working order. I'm just glad that I found this problem now and not next week when I'm in the middle of my race next Saturday. Other than the derauliuer problems the ride was good a bit colder but my Marin team jacket really keeps the wind out and heat in.

Back to work at the college tomorrow and a busy weekend coming up tomorrow will be a rest day and hopefully Sat. I will at least have enough time for the trainer. Here's some pics from yesterdays ride.

It's nice to have rideable track again.

My favorite technical section of the course. Unfortunaltely there isn't to many.

The ride home on the rail trail



Judi said...

Yo nice legs, lol. Nice pics.

Bluenoser said...

Looks like you enjoyed yourself Harp.


Hilton Meyer said...

the winter training is paying off. All that boring grinding does show up in the early part of the season. Keep it up and good luck for next week.

crewcabrob said...

Nice duds Harp!

We may be planning an early morning blast through the park tomorrow morning. I would like to get up and be out there around the time light is breaking. Not sure if Ryan or Adam are up for it, but I still may go.